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As a leading supplier of high-quality toxins, antitoxins, and assays, Tox Tech provides a wide-range of research products and services to food companies, test-kit manufacturers, universities, and research companies. We offer an unmatched variety of products backed by an expert staff committed to producing the fastest turn-around time, expert advice and data with which to make business decisions.


Structure and process that eliminates delays and provides the most accurate testing results.


The most complete set of products available, as well as in-house laboratory and testing facility.


Live, personalized interactions with on-staff scientists helping you make inmformed decisions.

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Our aim is to make healthy business and customers possible through providing a diverse range of products and tailored services. Accordingly, we are transforming our website to better accommodate the requirements of our visitors. It would be great to discover more about your unique problems and answer any questions you may have regarding our services and proficiency.

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